Kores is a Greek brand of contemporary jewelry, accessories and clothes founded in 2010 by Yianna Karvela.
The brand advocates uniqueness, rebellion and innovation with an independent attitude.

The variety of stylistic influences ranging from art, fashion, design, architecture and interior design; the brand is also inspired by all those new forms of costume that bring a continuous stylistic change in our contemporary society.

Kores is not meant to be for everyone, but wants to be for those who have the character and desire to stand out.



Yianna Karvela, being an energetic and creative Aquarius, started the brand in the year 2010.
She was involved in sales and public relations in various companies. As she began to travel around the world she had the opportunity to live for a while in India and several years later that would spark the fire to design modern jewelry.
Then she brought to life her 3 daughters and devoted herself to raising them and her family, interrupting her professional career.

After years and having raised her daughters, she returns to the professional stage more creativethan ever.

On an evergoing quest she discovers creativity in designing jewelry and her great passion becomes her destiny. Focusing on exceptional quality and high aesthetics, she implements ideas from the cultures she had met through her travels.

In the spring of 2010 her other “KORES” were 'born' and she started making jewelry made of bronze and titanium.
Being a pioneer in her field, she became the exclusive representative of the French house Batucada in 2012, a company that was engaged in the manufacture of rubber jewelry.

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