Kores is a Greek brand of contemporary jewelry, accessories and clothes founded in
2010 by Yianna Karvela.

Kores derived from the Greek word "daughter". This brand is Yianna's ode to the power of sisterhood and family bonds. The letter "e" in our logo takes a glamorous exit and transforms into the number "3," a nod to Yianna's three brilliant daughters who inspire every stitch, bead, and thread.

The brand advocates uniqueness, rebellion and innovation with an independent

The variety of stylistic influences ranging from tradition, art, architecture and travelling.

The brand is also inspired by all those new forms of costume that bring a
continuous stylistic change in our contemporary society.


Gianna Karvela was born in Athens. Her journey into the world of jewelry and accessories design was sparked by her trip to India. Since then, she has been exploring the art of jewelry design, incorporating cultural influences from her travels. In 2010, she established the brand "Kores," specializing in jewelry made from copper and titanium. In the following years, she became the representative of the French house Batucada, known for its rubber jewelry.

In 2013, the first "Kores" store was inaugurated in Skyros. By 2018, her creative expression expanded to include clothing and scarves, and in 2020, she became the representative of the Italian jewelry company Vestopazzo.

Gianna's presence with Kores stands out at international exhibitions and fairs, showcasing the spirit of independent creation.